WCB Agenda 3-12-2019

March 11, 2019

To Our Valued Members:
This memo notes Agenda “topics of interest” and is provided to our members so that you may participate
in meetings and/or post comments, suggestions, and review petitions by residents in attendance
regarding items not on the agenda.

We have highlighted some topics of interest for your review. 
      Please feel free to review the complete Agenda details online at:  http://pa-


Attachments are available for download on the Borough’s website.


Borough Council Members:
Diane C. LeBold, President     President, 2nd Ward                       Term Expires: 2020
Michael Galey, Esquire            Vice President, 3rd Ward               Term Expires: 2022
William J. Scott, Esquire           Member, 1st Ward                         Term Expires: 2022
Michael Stefano                       Member, 4th Ward                         Term Expires: 2020
Donald Braceland                    Member, 5th Ward                         Term Expires: 2022
Bernie Flynn                             Member, 6th Ward                         Term Expires: 2020
Denise Polk, Ph.D.                   Member, 7th Ward                         Term Expires: 2022
Mayor: Dianne Herrin 
Borough Manager: Michael A. Perrone, CBO

ACT Council Meetings
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – 7:30 pm

Administration, Technology & Communication Committee
Topic of Interest:

 Approve the proposal by Cohen Law Firm as submitted to the Chester County Consortium to
negotiate a revised cable franchise agreement between the Borough of West Chester and
Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc. (attachments)
           *The Borough is one of a number of municipalities that are joining together to hire Cohen Law Firm
at an approximate cost of $6,500.00
 Enter into a Multi-Municipal Agreement with WCACOG to contract with Cadmus Group, LLC to
develop a regional community energy transition plan at a total price of $75,000 to be split
between the municipalities (attachments)


Tuesday, March 19th:  Council Work Session 7:00 pm 
Public Hearings: Chapters 97 & 112, 8:00-9:00 pm 
Wednesday, March 20th:  Council Voting Session 7:00 pm
Public Hearings: Chapters 77 & 104, 7:00-7:30 pm


Agenda Attachments are available for download on the Borough’s website.
Please feel free to review the complete Agenda details online at:  http://pa-
Thank you for your interest and please advise us of any information gathered at these meetings that may
be of interest to our members.
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West Chester Apartment Housing Association
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Email: wcahaman@aol.com
Website: www.wcaha.com

~ Kari
    Administrative Assistant
West Chester Apartment Housing Association
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Email: info@wcaha.com    
Website: www.wcaha.com

~ Kari
    Administrative Assistant


COUNCIL I COMMITTEE: Parking Committee
DATE: March 11, 2019

1. Action to Be Considered by the Borough Council
Consider designating the below parking areas for rideshare/ride-hailing companies, such as Uber
and Lyft, between the hours of 10pm and 3am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
100 Blk of N Walnut, East side, 8 parking spaces (1 space is handicapped)
100 Blk of N Church, East & West sides between Prescott Alley & Gay St, 10 parking spaces (1
is handicapped)
50 Blk of E Market, between Sharon Alley & S Walnut St, 5 parking spaces
200 Blk of W Gay, South side
ll. Rationale for Borough Council Consideration
The presence of Uber and Lyft is becoming increasingly popular in West Chester's downtown area.
There has been a sharp rise in the number of people coming into and leaving town in the later hours via
Uber and Lyft.
Uber and Lyft drivers often block traffic by idling in the road outside the bars, while waiting for their
riders to arrive. This impedes the safe and expeditious movement of traffic that is necessary for
emergency and non-emergency vehicles. The WCPD spends a substantial amount of time moving
drivers along, and citations to rideshare drivers for blocking traffic are on the rise. This is a situation that
is frustrating to both the police and the drivers. Issuing designated pick-up and drop-off areas will
alleviate this problem.
Further, we believe Uber and Lyft play an important role in decreasing DUIs. A recent study of DUIs in
10 cities across the country showed DUI decreases ranging from 14%-37% since ridesharing took hold.
The recommended rideshare pick-up/drop-off areas were recommended by WCPD based on their close
proximity to the bars that have the highest volume of patrons. Having pick-up and drop-off locations so
close to these bars will lessen the distance traveled by intoxicated patrons and minimize their need to
cross streets.
Uber and Lyft have the ability to geofence these designated areas, which will direct both drivers and
passengers to their pick-up and drop-off areas. These areas will also require signage designating the
active rideshare parking hours. If an unmanned car is parked in these areas during the designated times,
a parking violation will be issued.

Rideshare services are expected to continue to grow by 17% over the next 5 years, and ridesharing is
most popular among young adults, with 10% of urban 18- to 29-year-olds using ridesharing daily or
weekly. *

III. Current Policy of Practice
Borough Council would need to amend the current parking ordinance.
IV. Other Background Information
This is becoming a popular concept as Uber and Lyft continue to grow in popularity especially in
University towns and in urban environments.
V. Impact on Borough Finances
Average monthly parking revenue loss (Meters stop at Midnight)

• 100 N Walnut 2018 10pm-Midnight- $37.35
• 100 N Church 2018 10pm-Midnight – $36.78
• 50 E Market 2018 10pm-Midnight- $39.66
• There are no meters on the 200 Blk of W Gay
Total monthly loss: $113.79
The annual total for these locations from 10pm-Midnight: $1365.48
This may be offset in part by citations for those parked illegally in
the rideshare locations.