WCB 4-16-19 Agenda


West Chester Apartment Housing Association

620 S. Franklin Street, Office B-18

West Chester, PA 19382

Call to Action –

Please let us know if you attend tonight’s meeting!  

There is a lot happening in the Borough right now!  

Stream Protection Program Review, Changes to Lot N parking, Pension planning,

  1. Adams Street development and HB 349.  

Many interesting topics we should listen to!  

Please share your notes if you attend tonight’s meeting!

April 16, 2019

To Our Valued Members:

This memo notes Agenda “topics of interest” and is provided to our members so that you may participate in meetings and/or post comments, suggestions, and review petitions by residents in attendance regarding items not on the agenda.

We have highlighted some topics of interest for your review.

     Please feel free to review the complete Agenda details online at:  http://pa-westchester.civicplus.com/AgendaCenter

Attachments are available for download on the Borough’s website.

Borough Council Members:

Diane C. LeBold, President     President, 2nd Ward           Term Expires: 2020

Michael Galey, Esquire            Vice President, 3rd Ward     Term Expires: 2022

William J. Scott, Esquire           Member, 1st Ward     Term Expires: 2022

Michael Stefano                       Member, 4th Ward   Term Expires: 2020

Donald Braceland                    Member, 5th Ward     Term Expires: 2022

Bernie Flynn                             Member, 6th Ward Term Expires: 2020

Denise Polk, Ph.D.                   Member, 7th Ward    Term Expires: 2022

Mayor: Dianne Herrin

Borough Manager: Michael A. Perrone, CBO

Borough Council Work Session

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 – 7:00 pm


Council Meeting:

Topic of Interest:

  • Presentation by Tom Barbine:  Stream Protection Program Review and Update


Public Works Committee:

Topic of Interest:

  • Present the West Chester Borough West Nile Abatement Action Plan (attahcment)

No Action Required


Parking Committee:

Topic of Interest:

  • Authorize the Solicitor to prepare an Ordinance to remove 8 of the 14 metered spaces and allowed registered vehicles, regardless of State of Registration, to obtain a Lot N permit (Attachment)  (WOW!, Green Field lot, $200 fee?  Any other limitations?)

Committee Recommendation 3-0



ACT Committee:

Topic of Interest:

  • Approve an application for copyright registration of the new Borough of West Chester Flag

Committee Recommendation 3-0


Finance Committee:

Topic of Interest:

  • Approve the request for proposals for investment services, and related plan administration and bookkeeping services, for the West Chester Borough Police and Non-Uniformed Pension Plans (attachments)   (better investments for pension fund?)

Committee Recommendation 3-0

  • Approve a Resolution naming Santander Bank as the designated depository of funds for the Borough of West Chester (NEW)

Committee Recommendation 2-1


Smart Growth Committee

Topic of Interest:

  • Discuss Zoning Hearing Applications:  Applicant seeks a variance to exceed the maximum building coverage:                                                                     301 S. Adams, 305 S. Adams, 309 S. Adams (old neighborhood, low income, going away)

No Committee Recommendation    

  • Approve a Resolution to endorse Landscapes3, the Chester County Comprehensive Plan (attachment) (?)

Committee Recommendation 2-1  

  • Approve a Resolution to oppose HouseBill 349, which would require Municipalities, who utilize 3rd party inspection agencies to enforce the provisions of the PA UCC, to contract with two 3rd party agencies (attachment)

Committee Recommendation 3-0  

  • Approve the Borough Solicitor to draft an Ordinance amending the enforcement of trash violations to utilize the same enforcement method as snow violations (Bad idea!  Copy of violation should go to the Owner!)

Committee Recommendation 2-1




Tuesday, May 7th & Wednesday, May 8th:  Committee Meetings

Tuesday, May 14th:  Bourough Council WorkSession Meeting

Wednesday, May 15th:  Borough Council Meeting

Tuesday, May 21st:  Planning Commission WorkSession

Wednesday, May 22nd:  Planning Commission Meeting

Agenda Attachments are available for download on the Borough’s website.

Please feel free to review the complete Agenda details online at:  http://pa-westchester.civicplus.com/AgendaCenter

Thank you for your interest and please advise us of any information gathered at these meetings that may be of interest to our members.


Grant Nelson                       Kari May

President                              Administrative Asst

West Chester Apartment Housing Association

Office: 610-696-1140

Email: wcahaman@aol.com

Website: www.wcaha.com