WCB WorkSession Agenda 11-20-18

To Our Valued Members:
This memo notes Agenda “topics of interest” and is provided to our members so that you may participate in
meetings and/or post comments, suggestions, and review petitions by residents in attendance regarding items not
on the agenda.
Note:  All Borough services have moved to “The Spellman Building” located at 829 Paoli Pike, West Goshen

We have highlighted some topics of interest for your review. 
      Please feel free to review the complete Agenda details online at:  http://pa-westchester.civicplus.com/AgendaCenter

Attachments are available for download on the Borough’s website.


Borough Council Members:
Diane C. LeBold, President     President, 2nd Ward                       Term Expires: 2020
Michael Galey, Esquire            Vice President, 3rd Ward               Term Expires: 2022
William J. Scott, Esquire           Member, 1st Ward                         Term Expires: 2022
Michael Stefano                       Member, 4th Ward                         Term Expires: 2020
Donald Braceland                    Member, 5th Ward                         Term Expires: 2022
Bernie Flynn                             Member, 6th Ward                         Term Expires: 2020
Denise Polk, Ph.D.                   Member, 7th Ward                         Term Expires: 2022
Mayor: Dianne Herrin 
Borough Manager: Michael A. Perrone, CBO

Borough Council Meeting
Work Session
Tuesday, November 20th:  7:00pm

  • Approve entering into an additional one-year contract with the County of Chester for the use of Lot#6 at
    $60 per space/per month – due to time sensitivity, approval required at the Worksession
    meeting (attachment)
               Committee recommendation 3-0
    Public Works Committee
    Topic of Interest:


  • Approve entering into an agreement with Republic Services to process and market the Borough's
    Recyclables within their single stream at a cost of $39.44 per ton (issue briefing) (attachments)
                   Committee recommendation 3-0
  • Approve expediting the sale of Borough vehicles and equipment through MuniciBID
                   Committee recommendation 3-0
  • Public Works Committee – continued
    Topic of Interest:
    Approve amendment to the Sewer Capacity Agreement with East Bradford Township (attachment)
                   Committee recommendation 3-0
  •  Approve awarding the bid for liquid sludge removal from Goose Creek and Taylor Run to McGovern
    Environmental at the low bid cost of $.07 per gallon (attahcment)
                   Committee recommendation 3-0
    Parking Committee:
    Topic of Interest:
  • Approve charging $10 for event parking the day of the 2018 Christmas Parade beginning at noon in the
    garages and lots #9 and #10, and beginning at 5PM in Lot# 6 (issue briefing) (attachments)
                   Committee recommendation 3-0                
  •  Authorize the Solicitor to prepare an ordinance prohibiting RV, Boats and other irregular vehicles from
    parking on public streets (issue briefing) (attachments)
                   Committee recommendation 3-0
    ACT Committee
    Topic of Interest:
  •  Approve the Railroad Restoration Commission's proposal to enter into a $27,000 service contract with
    ESI (Econsultant Solutions Inc) to provide an assessment of funding opportunities available to pay for the
    extension of the railroad to the Borough.  Authorization is for one-third of the cost (attachment)
                   Committee recommendation 3-0
    Smart Growth:
    Topic of Interest:
  • Approve the final reverse subdivision plan for 7-9 N. Church (attachments)
                   Committee recommendation 3-0


  Tuesday, November 20th:  Borough Council Work Session 7:00 pm
Wednesday, November 21st:  Borough Council Voting Session 7:00 pm
Wednesday, November 21st:  Public Hearing, 2019 Budget & Financial Projections 7:00 pm

Wednesday, November 21st:  Public Hearing,

Approve Collection Procedures & Fees for RE Tax Collections 7:00 pm


Agenda Attachments are available for download on the Borough’s website.
Please feel free to review the complete Agenda details online at:
Thank you for your interest and please advise us of any information gathered at these meetings that may be of
interest to our members.
Grant Nelson                       Kari May
President                              Administrative Asst
West Chester Apartment Housing Association
Office: 610-696-1140
Email: wcahaman@aol.com
Website: www.wcaha.com